Life's a joke.  Find the funny.

North Carolina native, Kenneth, has long called himself, "The Funniest Person You've Never Heard Of." But his first album, Cuttin Up Comedy at the Shop, his Kitchen Theatre show Southern Fried Ithaca, and Comedy on The Commons is rapidly changing that.  He has written plays for the One Minute Play Festivals at the Kitchen Theatre.  His project 10 Short Films About Race was featured as a part of Spring Writes Literary Festival.  


Currently, Kenneth and his wife SingTrece are producing and performing their own show Singing Notes and Slinging Jokes.


"Life's a joke, find the funny" is his life's motto, and all that know him will tell you Kenneth, has certainly found it.


Witty, Clever, Insightful, sometimes Shocking, but always Funny is what you get with Kenneth.


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